How To Get Rid Of Pigeons

How To Get Rid Of Pigeons

In many cities pigeons have become a nuisance, when in large numbers they roost on window sills, roofs, balconies or gutters.

What can you do to get rid of pigeons without harming them?

Do pigeons actually cause harm by simply sitting on our houses, or monuments? They do! Their droppings are a health hazard to humans. There is a fungus that grows in pigeon droppings that is the cause of histoplasmosis, which can be airborne and breathed by people who are cleaning an area soiled by pigeons. Most people never show symptoms and don’t even know they were infected, so in most cases it is not a big problem, but for a few people it can be very severe. Pigeons also carry fleas another pest you probably don’t want around the house. And let’s not forget the noise they can make, the cooing sound is pleasant for about 5 minutes but beyond that it can quickly become annoying.

how to get rid of pigeons on your roofThere is besides the health hazards a real esthetic and physical damage caused by pigeons excrements, as the acidity can erode metal fences and decorative elements of the architecture. Of course there is also the risk of someone falling on your property.

How can you get rid of these seemingly harmless birds?

In most cases it is rather difficult to get rid of pigeons, as they have adapted to stressful conditions and have a plentiful source of food in most urban situations. The best way is to keep pigeons away by modifying their environment.

Keeping pigeons away from your house will not harm them but you are displacing the problem onto your neighbors. Shooting them is absolutely forbidden no matter how annoying they are. :) You must then resort to repelling them.

There are several methods to encourage pigeons to find a more suitable perch.

A gel bird repellent can be very effective. It forms a sticky surface that is hardly visible but will prevent birds (including pigeons) from landing on the area. It can be applied to any type of surfaces like roofs, ledges, window sills, light poles… It can be used in any weather.

There is also a liquid repellent that can be sprayed. Like the gel it is a sticky substance. One gallon of the liquid will cover 120 square feet and might be easier to apply in some areas than gel.

Ultrasonic bird repellent boxes can be affixed on the face of the house to be protected. They operate on the principle of scaring the pigeons away without harming them or humans. There are many devices ranging in price from $15 to several hundred dollars for a large area programable system. There are also solar powered devices that combine noise and motion to scare the birds away. This device will also scare smaller birds which you might want to attract to your yard.

getting rid of pigeonsYou can also install something that will destabilize the landing area. A metallic wire might be sufficient in some areas, a piece of chicken wire might not be very attractive but might very well be an inexpensive temporary way to discourage the birds, or you might install pigeon spikes the most effective solution. These spikes are inserted into a plastic or metallic support and you can either glue or nail them where needed. The pigeons will not come back to that area. Some spikes are wide enough that small birds can still perch but pigeons will not be able to.

The last solution that you might consider is more expensive but you won’t have to do the work and the results should be guaranteed. A pest control company in your area will be able to provide an estimate which should include cleaning the area and the installation of deterrents. Costs will vary depending on your locality, and on the size of the area to be treated.

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  1. I guess that’s a big problem for those who live in a house, as I’ve seen rental apartments just issuing notices not to feed pigeons. Probably some other methods are in effect there

  2. Thank goodness there is not a major pigeon problem where I live. I would hate to have to deal with them. That picture of the pigeon reading the book on how to poop on people is still cracking me up!

  3. I’ve wondered what practical purpose pigeons serve. They always seem to show up when they are least wanted and really do make a big mess wherever they go. It’s good to know there are some practical ways to get rid of them.

  4. I live in the suburbs but have seen more and more pigeons in my neighborhood the last year or so. That and Canadian Geese which also can be quite annoying.
    I love the pic of the pigeon reading the book!

  5. When I lived in NYC there were pigeons EVERYWHERE! I never really gave it much thought, but now that I’m in Florida, I have never seen a pigeon here. There’s lots of other birds, but not pigeons.

  6. This time getting rid of Pigeons is the biggest challenge for me. It’s really a very difficult task. Thanks for the worthy blog.

  7. Laser pointers work great. They blind them and they just sit there while you shine it in their eyes. Once scared off and forced to fly they fly right into the ground and become part of the food chain for a cat or other animal. Got rid of over a dozen so far that fly into the neighborhood because of morons with bird feeders. Inexpensive and works great. Works in daytime.

  8. Such a good post about how to get rid of pigeons. Many people used this method to rid of pigeons. It’s a helpful post who want to rid of pigeons.


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