So what do you do to remove a hickey?

A hickey is a discoloration of the skin, a bruise, caused by prolonged sucking with the mouth on the skin. Getting or giving one is rather easy, but getting rid of a hickey is not so easy, and having a very visible one can be embarrassing. I encourage you to think twice before engaging in this behavior. If you are the recipient of a hickey and you need to remove it, try one of the following methods.

To do right away

how to get rid of a hickeyApply an ice bag on the hickey as soon as possible after you discover it. You can put ice in a plastic bag and in a towel. If you don’t have ice, put a spoon in the freezer for a few minutes. Keep the cold bag or spoon on the skin for several minutes (keep it as long as you can bear it, even up to 20 minutes if it is not too unbearable). Stop the cold treatment for a little while and repeat again.

Note: Don’t apply ice directly on the hickey use a towel or something to wrap it before applying it.

Many people will swear that the only effective method to get rid of hickeys is the comb or the toothbrush method. It is however important to remember that a hickey is first and foremost a bruise, and it takes time to fade away, so don’t expect miracles.

Brush the area with a comb or a toothbrush. It breaks down blood coagulation and re-establishes circulation. Wait about 15 minutes. Redness and swelling will spread, but it will be less visible after 15 minutes. Apply a cold compress and repeat as in the previous method.

Careful because pressing too hard can make things worse.

Another method is to use a coin. This is fairly effective, but it is also the most painful method. It works by stretching the skin over the hickey and pressing with the edge of the coin. While this will break the blood clots and spread them, but besides being painful it is also a method that can cause more damage than it can help.

Mask the hickey with makeup. The most effective form of makeup is green concealer, a product that is conceived to diminish skin redness. Apply a foundation a little lighter than your skin color, not only on the hickey but around as well, not to make it obvious that you are trying to conceal something. If you don’t have a concealer and need help right away, use eye shadow a little lighter than your skin color.

Cover the hickey. Wear a turtle neck, a scarf, of a collar that can hide the offending sight, but remember that you have to remain appropriate for the season. If you have long hair modify your hairdo to hide the hickey, but verify frequently how your hair is positioned to keep it hidden.

Long term solutions

Use Arnica gel, available in most health food stores or pharmacies or here. Arnica gel is a plant based ointment that is very effective in reducing swelling and bruising, and can minimize a hickey rather quickly. Some people claim that Hamamelis works well to shorten the healing time of a hickey.

Eat well as a varied and healthy diet is good to prevent bruising and helps in healing faster, and increase your intake of vitamin P (known as Bioflavonoid). Foods containing vitamin P are broccoli, green peppers, and lemons. The primary benefit of vitamin P is to protect blood vessels, make them resistant and prevent bleeding.

Other helpful vitamins are vitamin K. Vitamin K helps in absorbing blood, that is due to the hickey laying close to the surface of the skin surface, back into the body. Vitamin K is found in green leaves, spinach, cabbage, broccoli and tomatoes, as well as liver.

In the future if you indulge in hickeys, make them or receive them in inconspicuous areas. Better yet don’t get hickeys.

Hickeys will disappear on their own in a few days, at most a week. There is no really certain ways to get rid of hickey that you can rely on, at the exception of time. Be patient and try to minimize the inconvenience as best as you can.

When people in your circle notice the hickey use an excuse. A burn from a curling of straightening iron is often the one people use, but it is not very credible. Being hit by a ping pong ball or another projectile is more realistic.

Just a thought: If someone suggest a method that sounds stupid or dangerous, don’t try it. Use your own common sense. A hickey is really not a very serious incident.

These are the suggestions I have get rid of hickeys, now I would like to know how do you get rid of a hickey. Please leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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Whiteflies & Whitefly Control

Whiteflies are very small white insects that take home on the back side of leaves. Females puncture the leaves and lay eggs. Leaves then become sticky rather quickly, then a blackish mildew appears. The plant affected by a whitefly infestation will not grow anymore, or will grow very slowly.

whiteflies controlWhen you touch a plant with whiteflies, they will take off in a group. These insects are more frequently found in garden shops, or green houses, but they can be brought home when you buy a contaminated plant.

There are a couple of methods to control whiteflies.

As you probably know every parasite has one or more natural predators, sometimes called auxiliary insects (that is one of the laws of nature). These predators are totally harmless for people and pets, but they will find and destroy parasites. Of course you should not wait to have an extreme invasion before introducing auxiliary insects, it might then be too late and you might have to resort to insecticides to really get the job done.

Encarsia is the natural predator for whiteflies in green houses. Encarsia formosa are shipped on strips (10 squares on each strip) you will usually get more than 1,000 Encarsia. An adult Encarsia lays 100-200 eggs and each egg will kill one whitefly larva.

1000 Encarsias for each 350 yd²

3000 Encarsias pour 1000 yd²

They should be brought in as soon as you notice whiteflies on your plants, then a second batch should be added a week later.

If the infestation of whiteflies is really severe you may have to use a pyrethrin insecticide. Pyrethrin I and Pyrethrin II are found in the leaves of pyrethrum, and are natural compounds in making an organic insecticide that is fast and effective. Click here to buy pyrethrin insecticide.

tansy for whiteflies controlAnother method consist of spraying the plant with insecticide soap, or a tansy infusion (tea). Recipe for insecticide soap

If you have, or can get tansy (not to be confused with tansy ragwort, which is a toxic plant) you can make a tansy tea.

Tansy infusion recipe for whitefly control:

Use leaves, stems and fresh flowers to the rate of 10 oz for 2 gallons of water. (You can substitute 1oz dried tansy plants).

Spray the tea on plants against aphids, ants, moths, flea beetles, whiteflies, and cabbage butterflies.

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